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Digital Library Initiatives

Name Title Phone Email
Beswick, Kevin NCSU Libraries Fellow (919) 513-2612
Casden, Jason Lead Librarian, Digital Services Development (919) 513-0701
Davidson, Bret Digital Technologies Development Librarian (919) 513-3917
Davis, Matt Data Curation Fellow (919) 513-7080
Lown, Cory Digital Technologies Development Librarian (919) 513-2309
Morris, Steve Head, Digital Library Initiatives and Digital Projects (919) 515-1361
Norberg, Brian Academic Technologies Librarian (919) 513-3642
Nutt, Mike Digital Media Librarian (919) 513-0651
Pauley, Eric Technology Support Specialist (919) 513-3426
Ronallo, Jason Associate Head, Digital Library Initiatives (919) 513-3778
Thornton, Trevor Business and Technology Applications Analyst (919) 515-7286
Wust, Markus Digital Collections and Preservation Librarian (919) 513-0743

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