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Name Title Department Phone Email
Carpenter, Phyllis Accountant Finance and Business (919) 515-9585
Constabaris, Adam Business and Technology Applications Specialist Information Technology (919) 515-1354
Currie, Debbie Collection Manager for Agriculture & Environmental Sciences Collection Management (919) 515-7556
Ciccone, Karen Director Natural Resources Library & Research Librarian for Science Informatics Natural Resources Library (919) 515-3513
Cross, Will Director, Copyright and Digital Scholarship Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center (919) 513-2416
Chapman, Jamie Facilities Maintenance Supervisor Building Services (919) 515-5030
Collins, Maria Head, Acquisitions and Discovery Acquisitions & Discovery (919) 515-3188
Casden, Jason Lead Librarian, Digital Services Development Digital Library Initiatives (919) 513-0701
Chang, Bertha Research Librarian for Engineering Centennial Campus Research Services (919) 515-0886
Craig, Sarah University Library Specialist Research and Information Services (919) 515-2289
Craciun, Zorica University Library Technician Acquisitions & Discovery (919) 515-4089
Chance, Terri University Library Technician Acquisitions & Discovery (919) 515-4067
Clossey, Brian University Library Technician Access and Delivery Services (919) 513-3726
Campbell, Erin University Library Technician Natural Resources Library (919) 513-2183

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