Memorandum from Raymond L. Murray to Dr. Clifford K. Beck
1 p.
July 26, 1951

July 26, 1951

TO: Dr. Clifford K. Beck
FROM: Raymond L. Murray
COPIES TO: Dr. A. C. Menius, Jr. and Dr. Newton Underwood
SUBJECT: Water Windows

I contacted Mr. George West, Manager of the Structural Glass Sales
, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with
reference to the design of the water windows. He appeared to have a
great deal of familiarity with the technical aspects of the tanks. He
showed me photographs of similar units that had been made during the war
for acid and plating baths, and described the construction. Attached
to the original of this note is a typical picture.

Each tank consists of four 1/2" thick Herculite plates held together
by tie rods running the full length of the plates. The glass is poured,
drilled and smoothed, and then tempered. Raw Neoprene gaskets are
installed, and the assembly kept at around 100° for a time, during which
the Neoprene is cured.

Miscellaneous Items

1. The Company does not make any sales itself. All quotations
come from the local offices.

2. It is agreeable with them that correspondence on details of
design be made directly to the Pittsburgh office.

3. The units would come assembled but would not be installed. The
main cost of the tanks is in materials and fabrication. Mr. West did
not think any saving would be realized by our assembling them.

4. No guarantee is provided against leakage. Specifications on
maximum torque on the nuts will be provided, however.

5. The protruding dimension of nuts and washers can be held to
3/4" or less.

6. To avoid seeing the tie rods, the tank can be lined with opaque
white carrara.

Sketches of the assembly and space in the auditorium wall will be
made. It was agreed that we would supply them with the necessary dimensions
with our order.