Memorandum from Raymond Murray to Clifford Beck
4 pp.

Water windows
C. K. B.

(1) As best one can measure at the reactor there is adequate clearance
for the water windows; as indicated by dimensions below
Auditorium:17'-1 3/4" x 5'-3 3/4"
}inside dimensions, concrete to concrete
Control room:5'-4 5/8" x 4'-4"
the windows are 5'-2 3/4" x 4' 2 3/4" outside dimensions
It may be seen that there is a one or two inch clearance everywhere.

(2) Talked with Mr Yow, Peden steel who reports that water windows should be
done shortly. With reference to painting I would suggest the following.
Peden Co.
that we specify that the insides of the tanks be sandblasted and
painted by Peden Steel according to the recommendations of the Amercoat Corp. (attached)
the first or prime coat is supposed to be put on immediately
after the steel is sandblasted, which would make it difficult to
guarantee if they were prepared by Peden and shipped to us.
Mr. Yow said they could procure the paint and apply it as we

The alternative is to do it ourselves. I don't think we could do as
well. Give me your opinion on this

I leave it to you to
go ahead.

P.S. My estimate of cost of paint is given below.
total area to be painted, 5 windows 100 ft²
Less than 1 gallon each of the five coats are needed, but assuming that a full gallon
is bought, the cost is
Prime 780
Body 1 850
Body 2 " times
Seal 1 "
Seal 2 "
We could probably get the
excess paint for other uses.

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Argonne Nat'l Lab
PO 5207 Chicago

Ken Ferguson
(wrote on paints
windows etc)

H. L. Hull referred us to Roland Blomgren
ZnBr2 (80% H2O) density
2.5 for [gamma] rays,
Koroseal lining; some
amercoat31, 7 layers, use
co. recommended techniques
mineral oil (carnation)
requires only glyptal coat
Laminated glass with liquid
spacing to cut down reflection

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Amercoat Corp.
29 N.Y. Ave.
Newark NJ.
Mr D. O. Lachmund

4554 N Broadway Longbeach
Chicago Ill 1-2940
Mr Siedel

Offices also Jacksonville
Southgate Calif (4809 Firestone