Memorandum from Newton Underwood to Clifford Beck
1 p.
October 25, 1952

October 25, 1952

To Clifford Beck
From N Underwood
Subject.- Sewer monitoring

Four inch cast iron drain pipes provide access to the entrance,
the tank, and the exit of the tank. The decision as to how these
access pipes are to be used is yet to be made. Dr. Waltner and
Mr. Turvey have found that coating a stainless steel counter
with 3 coats of strip paint and one coat of silicone stop cock
grease makes it possible to remove the surface contamination
acquired by immersion in a radio-active phosphorous 32 solution
for periods as long as 2 weeks. How successful this coating
technique will be against more complex chemical and radio-active
contaminants is not known. To what extent the background will
build up in the sewer pipes themselves is not known. In view of
these uncertainties, it may be advisable to plan for a system of
pumping samples up to the surface of the ground and into special
catch basins for monitoring the sewer.

The equipment for these monitoring systems has not been ordered.
The specifications for this equipment can be properly set out
only after numerical information is available as to the amount
and kind of activities that are to be measured.