Reactor Operating Procedures
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September 10, 1953

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September 10, 1953
Clifford Beck & Reactor staff

In the period immediately subsequent to the initial critical experiment on the Raleigh
Research Reactor
, it is planned that the level of operation shall not exceed "a few watts",
say 10, or at most 100, since A. E. C. approval for operation above 100 watts has not yet
been received. The experiments and manipulations now visualised include

During these initial operations, the procedures specified below to be followed tend
intentionally toward conservatism and even perhaps over cautious requirements in safety,
adequacy of records, and emphasis on prior planning of work.

The items listed below are intended both as guides in reactor operation and reminders
of items which must not be overlooked. As experience is gained some of these procedures
may be changed, some eliminated, and others added.

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