Memorandum from Raymond L. Murray to Clifford Beck
1 p.
April 2, 1953

Apr. 2, 1953

C. K. Beck
Gas Holding System

You indicated that it may be difficult to run the necessary piping
involved in the holding vault, the tanks and the stack duct. Investigation
of the system as it stands shows that it will be easy. The sketch below
shows the various components

Since one may get inside the large ventilating duct, the gas lead from
the holding system, the manometer leads and water supply can be
taken to and from the instrument area, merely by cutting out the side of
the galvanized iron sheet. Lundholm filled out an order for most of
the piping, valves, manometer, etc that we need. When it comes in and
the shop men are free, we'll start installation.

R L Murray