Memorandum from J. G. Lundholm Jr. to Dr. R. L. Murray
1 p.
October 6, 1952

October 6, 1952

TO: Dr. R. L. Murray
FROM: J. G. Lundholm Jr.
SUBJECT: Purchase of Drafting Equipment and Supplies

The Instrumentation group on the Reactor Project
is preparing to establish a print file containing
drawings on all the instrument assemblies.

As such, we are in need of suitable tracing paper
which will produce high-quality Ozalid prints. From
past experience and K-E's recommendation, it is felt
that K-E Albanene prepared tracing paper No. 195LX
is the best choice.

It is our intentions to cut up a quantity of the
tracing paper to give us a working stock in each of the
four following sizes. It is seen that drawings of
this size all fold to standard 8 1/2 x 11 page size.
A size 8 1/2 x 11C size 17 x 22
B size 11 x 17D size 22 x 34

Dr. Beck is attempting to obtain a suitable drawing
cabinet in which to store the original tracings allowing
us to place only Ozalid prints in the print file.

It is also felt that a Leroy pen and at least one
Leroy lettering guide would be a worthwhile addition to
our drawing equipment.

I will list a possible selection of material for
purchase from which you may select those deemed necessary.
940120yd roll KE Laminene #70G paper 36" wide
18201roll KE Albanene No. 195LX
prepared tracing paper 36" width
7601KE No. 3240-140175CL Leroy lettering template
6251KE No. 3237-12 Scriber
1.251KE No. 3238-2 Lead Clutch
1.401KE No. 3233-000 Leroy pen with cleaner
1.401KE No. 3233-12 Leroy pen with cleaner
.851KE No. 3233-23 Leroy pen with cleaner
501KE No. 3234-1 Socket holder
.121KE No. 3235 Penholder
.501KE No. 3238-10 Scriber stantd
Mr Ivy 225

Call 2-2144
Carolina Blue Printers for exact prices