Letter from Clifford K. Beck to Dr. Newton Underwood and Dr. A. W. Waltner
1 p.
February 29, 1952


North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering
of the
University of North Carolina
Physics Department
February 29, 1952

Dr. Newton Underwood
Dr. A. W. Waltner


In our conference a day or so ago, a review of the instrumentation situation
relative to the Nuclear Reactor was made, and you presented an outline of the
instrumentation needs yet to be met:
1. For providing four "low-level" pulse channels for initial reactor opera-
--two to be purchased outright, two to be borrowed from the laboratory and
adapted--less pulse chambers, and less safety modification
2. Logarithmic and e-channels (very rough estimate). Circuit is yet to
be received from Oak Ridge
3. Remainder of reactor instrumentation, preamps, interlocks, range change,
galvanometers, control rod motors, etc.
(This includes $1,000 for recombiner instrumentation, which is the responsibility
of Dr. Menius to design and construct.)
4. Monitoring and laboratory equipment. 7,510
Total $19,185

In discussion of the best way to further this instrumentation program,
it was decided that:

Sincerely yours,
Clifford K. Beck