Letter from Carey H. Bostian to Deans, Directors of Research, and Department Heads
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January 7, 1954


Office of the Chancellor
January 7, 1954

Directors of Research
Department Heads


The completion of the North Carolina State College Reactor
has enlarged both the opportunities and the responsibilities
of the College in the fields of teaching and research. For
this reason, the duties and functions of the College Radio-
have been increased, and the committee has
been renamed the College Committee on Safety and Health for
the Nuclear Reactor and Radloisotopes

The membership of the committee is as follows;

This committee has the responsibility of protecting the
health and guarding the safety of all personnel using radio-
materials and other sources of hard radiation. An
additional objective set for the committee is to further the
expansion and development of research utilizing these materials.

All proposed experimental projects using radioactive mater-
must be approved by, and will be under the surveillance
of the Safety and Health Committee. Presently existing projects
of this sort, as well as any other activities involving the
problem of personnel protection against radiation hazards, are
similarly under the committee's surveillance, and the committee
has been requested to compile and maintain a complete catalog
of all radioactive materials and other sources of hard radiation
on this campus. Periodic checks will be made by the committee
or by the Radiological Safety Officer of the committee to insure
that adequate safeguards to the health and safety of personnel
and the public have been provided.

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A Radiological Safety Officer, appointed by the Adminis-
, will function as the executive arm of the committee.
Mr. David O. Lintz, whose office is Room 227 Daniels Hall, has
been appointed to this position.

As a first step in establishing procedures by means of
which Mr. Lintz may carry out his duties, the committee has
prepared a "Statement of Responsibilities, Procedures, and
Regulations Governing the use of Radioactivity on the Campus."
A copy of this statement is enclosed herewith, and additional
copies may be obtained from Mrs. Mildred Lenich, Room 320 Dan-
(ext. 236).

The Safety and Health Committee has a difficult assignment,
and only the complete cooperation of all members of the College
staff will make it possible for them to accomplish their task.
Please bring this matter to the attention of all members of your staff.


Carey H. Bostian
Carey H. Bostian