Memorandum from Raymond L. Murray to Clifford K. Beck
1 p.
August 4, 1952

August 4, 1952

to. C K Beck
Boron for Curtain
c.c. file

The boron curtain has an areaa of 55 ft², and is 1/2" thick.
thus the volume is 2.3 ft³. Assuming that the maximum packed
density is 1.73 gm/cm³, the weigh needed is 250 lb.
Since we plan to mix it with paraffin, the density will not be that
high, so somewhat less will be used. I propose we order:

(The needs for control and safetyrods
can easily come out of this.)

R L Murray

aOne panel 5' x 5'; 4 panels 5' x 1 1/2'. See sketches attached,
which have been Mr. Griffin's hands for a couple of months.