Annual Report to AEC on Raleigh Research Reactor Project
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April 1, 1954


April 1, 1954
NCSC #68
Clifford Beck, Director
Nuclear Reactor Project
N. C. State College

Annual Report To AEC on Raleigh Research Reactor Project

Article III, Section 2 (Modification #6 to Contract No. AT-(40-1)-1032):

"This agreement and the loan may be extended from year to year there-
if (a) the Contractor shall on or before April 1, 1954, and on or before
each April 1 thereafter, submit to the Commission such reports of the current year
and proposals for the ensuing year as may be required by the Commission with
respect to (1) the Contractor's financial plan for operation of the reactor faci-
, (2) technical competence of responsible personnel engaged in such opera-
, (3) the research and training program to be conducted with the loaned
fissionable materials and the reactor and (4) the Contractor's compliance with
the Commission's requirements as to health and safety, accountability, and secu-
of information; and (b) the Commission shall give its approval to extending
the term of this agreement and the loan. When the Contractor shall have made
timely submission of the above reports and proposals, this agreement and the loan
shall remain effective until 90 days after the Contractor is notified of the
Commission's disapproval with respect to extending the term, or until expiration
of the then current term, whichever is later.

In telephone conversation, information was transmitted to the Pro-
Director that the Commission's requirements in this section of the Contract
would be satisfied by brief statements on each of the items specified, plus the
data requested in Appendix "B", Section 1 of III B;

Approved by:
J. H. Lampe, Dean
School of Engineering
Clifford K. Beck, Head
Nuclear Reactor Project
C. H. Bostian, Chancellor

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1. The Contractor's Financial Plan for Operation of the Reactor Facilities

In basic concept, two general types of usages of the reactor facility,
and two primary sources of funds to support its operation, are visualized: a) the
reactor is to be operated by the Physics Department, in the School of Engineering,
as an integral part of the research and instructional programs of the department.
Financial support for this portion of reactor use has been in part, and eventually
will be entirely, provided from the College budget. In operations to date, a
generous grant from the Office of Ordnance Research has furnished a major portion
of the funds needed for this work.

Continued OOR support, to the extent of $16,000, has been assured for
1954-55. A budget request has been submitted to the College for the 1955-57
biennium, and approval is expected, for provision of sufficient minimum staff and
supplies for execution of routine operation in regular departmental programs.

b) The reactor will also be utilized to the fullest extent possible
in research projects of other departments of the College, of other institutions,
and industries in the area. Participating staff and reactor supplies required in
these operations, above what are provided by College funds for regular depart-
activities, must be furnished by the various projects in which they are
required. Sponsorship of three small projects, from which about $3,000 or $4,000
for reactor support will be provided during 1954-55, are already assured. Very
little effort has been expended in this direction, however. It is anticipated
that several other sponsored projects will materialize as staff efforts required
on the reactor itself decrease.

2. Technical Competence of Responsible Personnel

No changes in personnel responsible for direction of the Reactor Pro-
and few changes in participating personnel, from those who were engaged in
development of the Project, have been made.

Those presently participating in reactor operations (along with their
discharge of other duties) are:
Clifford Beck, Director J. Thomas Lynn, Asst. Scientist
Raymond L. Murray, Deputy Director E. J. Brown, Asst. Scientist
David O. Lintz, Reactor Safety Officer Joe Lundholm, Reactor Supervisor
Arthur Menius, Jr., Scientist Harold Lamonds, Instrumentation
Arthur Waltner, Scientist
Charles Terrell, Instrumentation
Clarence Turner, Machinist
Dwight Pendergraft, Machinist

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3. The Research and Training Program to be Conducted

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4. Compliance with Commission requirements on

5. Items required in annual report outlined in Appendix "B", Section 1, of III B.

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