Letter from G. Milton Small to J. H. Lampe

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September 19, 1951

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19 September 1951
Dean J. H. Lampe
School of Engineering
North Carolina State College
Raleigh, North Carolina

Subject: Nuclear Reactor Building, North Carolina State College, Raleigh, N.C.
Dear Dean Lampe:

Enclosed is a revised drawing showing the main floor of the Nuclear Reactor
Building. This indicates the possible changes which could be made to reduce
the cost of the building an estimated $105,000, to a total of $375,000. These
changes will not affect the exterior appearance of the structure except for
the elimination of the granite facing for the tower.

Please note that the Reactor, Reactor Room, Exhaust Ducts, Tower and other
fundamental requirements remain as originally designed and their safety or
use would not be impaired.

The changes include the following:

1. The laboratory rooms now total six where previously we had thirteen.

2. Revised finishes throughout to eliminate, glazed tile of areas not to be
used for the laboratories, suspended ceiling in reactor room, plaster
where not essential for safety, and decorative wood paneling in the public

HOLD3. Omission of two large storage rooms in the basement.

4. Reduction of the intake ventilating air system to the barest essentials.

5. Simiplification of the entire exhaust and waste disposal system made
feasible by the elimination of one half of the laboratories.

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6. Reducing to a minimum the exterior retaining walls and ramps.

7. Elimination of various other items such as lightproof shades, storage
cubicles, storage tubes, etc.

Attached hereto is a recapitulation of the construction costs as bid on
August 30, 1951 and as estimated after the revisions.
Very truly yours,

G. Milton Small, Architect

cc: Dr. C.K. Beck

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Nuclear Reactor Building
North Carolina State College
Raleigh, North Carolina

Bids - August 30, 1951 
 Estimated Contracts
After Revision
General$ 298,600230,200
Ventilation Air Conditioning143,86226,300
Revision in Gas Line$ 55.38
Reactor Floor & Base19,540.00
Reactor Base Exterior281.60
Architect's Fee 5%22,878.6517,782.00