Letter from J. H. Lampe to Col. J. W. Harrelson

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March 27, 1951

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March 27, 1951
Col. J. W. Harrelson, Chancellor
N. C. State College Re: Nuclear Reactor Building
Raleigh, N. C.

Dear Col. Harrelson:

Dr. Beck and I would appreciate it very much if in the near future you will
arrange a conference which would include not only administrative personnel from
N. C. State College, but also the President and Controller of the University
and a representative from the Budget Department. The purpose of a sug-
conference would be to consider and approve a plan of action for the con-
of the Nuclear Engineering Building, including the Nuclear Reactor.

The financial situation at the present time seems to be as follows: approx-
$200,000 from the Burlington Mills, and in the neighborhood of $95,000
from state appropriations or $295,000 to complete the building and the Reactor.
Estimates of construction costs indicate that the building will cost approx-
$300,000 and the Reactor $125,000. These values include all engineering
and architectural fees. It is sincerely hoped that the actual cost wil be less
than the estimation, but it is certainly evident that more money will be needed
to complete the project than is now on hand. I am sure, however, that this fact
has been realized from the very first.

On April 9, the Architect has promised us complete plans for the Reactor and the
part of the building it will occupy. On May 14, we will have final plans for the
building. There are three specific problems to which we here in the School of
need instruction and direction from the administration:

(1) A suggestion that the Architect contact contractors with requests
for prices on construction, in spite of the seeming lack of
sufficient funds to cover the estimated price.
(2) It may be desirable to construct the entire building in two phases:
(a) That section which includes the Reactor and (b) the rest of
the construction, including the laboratory and service

The members of our Physics Department are doing the engineering
work in connection with the Reactor and it is evident that if we
are to move ahead that this activity be underway this spring, in
order that they can give their full time and attention to it over
the summer. In this way the building and the Reactor would be
largely completed by the time school starts in the fall. It
for this reason thut it may be desirable to undertake the construc-
of the project in two phases rether than wait for completion
of the plans by May 15.

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(3) The matter of requesting information from contactors
who would be interested in constructing this Reactor
and building. We see two possibilities: (a) start
requests for bids or (b) the award of the contract on
a fixed fee basis.

Dr. Beck and I are most anxious to receive detailed information covering
the points outlined above, and hope that will find an opportunity in
the near future to call a conference of our administration, and fiscal
officers to give us advice and guidance to further this develop-
on our campus.
Sincere yours,
J. H. Lampe
J. H. Lampe
Dean of Engineering


cc: Mr. J. G. Vann