Letter from Clifford K. Beck to Milton Small

2 pp.
June 6, 1953

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North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering
of the
University of North Carolina

June 6, 1952
Mr. Milton Small
615 Hillsboro Street
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dear Mr. Small:

I have before me a copy of a letter of June 4 from Materials
to Wrenn Wilson Construction Company regarding the Crane
in the Nuclear Building.

We have now used this crane in a variety of ways for over a
month. There are, as pointed out in my letter of early May, a
number of ways in which this crane fails to achieve our anticipated
performance. Through the experience gained in its use, however, we
believe that a satisfactory compromise revision of these mechanism can
be reached without great burden on the manufacturers by the four
following adjustments:

1. The brake on the bridge should be changed to that specified,
i.e. to a variable brake capable of adjustment or complete
removal, or, if this is not possible, the brake should be
removed entirely.
2. A positive step (not just a limit switch) should be provided
on the beam to prevent the trolley mechanism from crashing
against the concrete walls of the room.
The trolley mechanism should be revised so that the hoist hook
can approach to within 39 or 40 inches of the wall,--as
apparently originally specified. This can be achieved with-
change of the carrier mechanism or other major revisions,
excepting switching the drive unit to the other side of the
4. In lieu of other revisions to meet specifications, some of
which would require major changes, and since the major
remaining limitation on the crane's use is its failure to
approach sufficiently closely to the wall of the room to
permit its easy use in moving objects betweenthe first
floor rear hallway and the floor of the reactor room, a
3-ton capacity steel "drawbridge" platform extension of the
rear hallway floor, 40 inches into the reactor room, will
be accepted. The general plan for this platform I have
discussed with you on previous occasions.

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Mr. Milton Small - 2 - June 6, 1953

If these changes could be made, we would then be able to use the
crane in a satisfactory manner for its intended purposes.
Sincerely yours,

Clifford K. Beck/ef
Clifford K. Beck
Head, Physics Department

CC: L. H. Fallis Material Handlers
Wrenn Wilson Construction Company
Dean J. H. Lampe
Mr. J. G. Vann
Mr. R. E. Vick, Budget Bureau