February 3, 1954 letter from J. H. Lampe to Malcolm Campbell, with enclosures

In February 1954, the President of Turkey and his wife were scheduled to visit the United States. Among the sites on their itinerary was the Nuclear Reactor, as well as the School of Textiles.

February 3, 1954 Dean Malcolm E. Campbell
School of Textiles

Dear Dean Campbell:

We here in the School of Engineering will be very happy to have President
Celal Bayar
and Madame Bayar of Turkey and their party visit the Nuclear
on Thursday morning, February 18. I am glad that you and Dr. Beck
have worked out the arrangements and details. Dr. Beck has suggested to
me that Dr. A. C. Menius will be on hand to receive the visitors and ex-
plain the Reactor. If for any reason he is prevented from being here, Dr.
W. D. Whitehead, Jr.
, will be on hand.

At the present I am scheduled to attend a national meeting of the
American Society for Engineering Education in Atlanta on February 17, 18,
and 19. There is some uncertainty about this date due to conflicts with
the University Conference meeting at Chapel Hill. Also, the difficulty
of satisfactory arrangements in Atlanta at this time leaves the remote
possibility that I might be here on February 18. If I am I will certainly
be on hand at 11:50 A. M.

Sincerely yours,
J. H. Lampe
Dean of Engineering
cc: Dr. Clifford Beck

[ Enclosure 1]

RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA January 28, 1954 MEMORANDUM TO: Dean J. H. Lampe, School of Engineering

Dear Dean Lampe:

In another memorandum addressed to all the Deans, etc. I have told
of the proposed visit of President Celal Bayar, and Madame Bayar,
of Turkey, to N. C. State College on the morning of Thursday,
February 18. You will have noted that President Bayar has expressed
a particular desire to visit the Nuclear Reactor here at State College.
Time will be extremely short, but Chairman George Geoghegan, of the
Special Reception and Arrangements Committee, has tentatively desig-
nated the period from 11:50 A. M. to 12:05 P. M. for the visit to the
Reactor Building. I hope that this meets with your approval, and that
you and Dr. Beck will be on hand to greet him.

As I pointed out, neither President nor Madam Bayar speaks any English.
However, interpreters will be plentiful. I should imagine that you
would wish to allow 5 to 10 minutes for a description of the laboratory,
including interpretation.

I would appreciate your letting me know whether this schedule is satis-

Sincerely yours,
Malcolm E. Campbell
Malcolm E. Campbell
cc: Dr. Clifford Beck

[ Enclosure 2]

RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA January 27, 1954 MEMORANDUM TO: Chancellor C. H. Bostlan
Dean D. W. Colvard
Dean H. L. Kamphoefner
Dean J. B. Kirkland
Dean J. H. Lampe
Dean R. J. Preston, Jr.
Dean J. W. Shirley
Mr. J. G. Vann


As you may know, President Celal Bayer, of the Republic of Turkey,
and Madam Bayar, plan to in the United States soon, and will visit
New York City, Washington D. C., Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, and
Raleigh. The presidential party, which will include three ambass-
adors and several other dignitaries plus various representatives of
the press, etc., numbering about twenty-five in all, will arrive in
Raleigh on the morning of Thursday, February 18. According to a
representative of the Turkish Embassy, President Bayer has expressed
a desire to visit the Nuclear Reactor and the School of Textiles at
N. C. State College, a cigarette factory in Durham, and the Morehead
at Chapel Hill.

I have been asked to serve on a reception committee appointed by the
Governor and the Mayor of Raleigh, under the joint chairmanship of
Mr. George Geoghegan.

According to tentative plans, the presidential party will proceed from
the State Capitol to the School of Textiles on Thursday, February 18,
arriving here at 11:00 A. M. M. for a quick tour of our building. At 11:40 A. M.
they will proceed to the Nuclear Reactor Building, arriving there at 11:50 A.M.,
and leaving at 12:05 P. M. for luncheon in the Morehead Building at Chapel

As you can see, the visit of President Bayar to N. C. State College will be
brief, indeed. However, I should like to extend to each of you a cordial
invitation to come to the School of Textiles at 11:00 A. M. to meet President
and Madam Bayar. I am told that neither one speaks any English, but I
understand that there will be plenty of interpreters around. Then, too, we

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are inviting the four Turkish students at N. C State College to join
the group here.

I think that I should point out that in schedules of this sort, over which
we do not have complete control, are subject to a considerable "standard
deviation". Moreover, such programs are frequently completely altered
at the last minute. My invitation to you is nonetheless cordial, and I
shall do my best to inform you of any changes that may occur.

We are proud indeed that President Bayar has put Raleigh on his
itinerary on this good-will tour, and in particular, that he should have
expressed a desire to come to State College.

Sincerely yours,
Malcolm E. Campbell Malcolm E. Campbell