August 15, 1950 memorandum from Clifford Beck to Dean J. H. Lampe
2 pp.
Aug. 15, 1950

This memo to Dean Lampe discusses possible building sites for the reactor. It states a preference for a space south of the Zoology building.

North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering
of the
University of North Carolina

Physics Department August 15, 1950 To: Dean J. H. Lampe
From: Clifford Beck (1)
Re: Location of Nuclear Reactor
Copies: Chancellor J. W. Harrelson (2)
Dr. D. B. Anderson (3)
Dr. Ralph Cummings (4)
Dr. Carey Bostian (5)
Mr. W. F. Morris (6)
Mr. J. McCree Smith (7)
Mr. J. G. Vann (8)

On Saturday, August 12, 1950, from 10 to 12 A.M., a conference of
the above named individuals numbered 1 through 7 was held in Chancellor
's office for the purpose of reconsidering the location of the State
College Nuclear Reactor. Only three sites were considered:

It was the unanimous opinion that the space now occupied by Zoology
constituted the ideal location, but the practical problem involved in removing
Zoology in less than three years, and probably five, was conceded to be impossible
of solution.

Mr. Smith advocated most strongly that the reactor be located behind
Zoology, and so arranged that the facility could be expanded into the Zoology
Building space when that building could be removed.

Dr. Beck maintained that there is serious doubt that the reactor can
be crowded into the space behind Zoology for interim operation, and felt further
that a structure of interim design would not be suitable after removal of Zoology,
without extensive and expensive alteration. It was also pointed out that funds
for the reactor might not be donated from sources not in prospect if the building
were crowded into an insignificant initial location.

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It was the firm opinion of Mr. Smith and the Agricultural School
representatives that the Court of Ceres location if definitely preferable
to the site west of Polk Hall. The idea hear was, that the Reactor Building
should face south on University Drive, and the reactor facility should be
designed as a part of a three or four story east-west laboratory structure
extending across the Court of Ceres in line with the north ends of Polk and
Daniels. The laboratory structure adjacent to and a part of the reactor
facility would be used for additional reactor laboratories if required for
Physics Department space when Daniels Hall became too crowded. Mr. Smith,
particularly, and the entire group to a large extent, felt that this loca-
would destroy the architectural plan of this part of the campus and
should be avoided if possible.

It was decided finally that:

It was further decided that (1) if the Commission would not approve the
reactor location for an interim period of operation in the crowded space behind
Zoology, or (2) if a suitable interim design could not be drawn up for a long-
acceptable reactor structure, then the reactor should be located in the
souther portion of the Court of Ceres. Should this in turn not be acceptable
to the Commission, another meeting would be called by Chancellor Harrelson
for consideration of other sites.