August 4, 1950 letter from Clifford Beck to Chancellor J. W. Harrelson
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Aug. 4, 1950

A letter indicating a prefered location for the building of the reactor, west of Polk Hall.

North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering
of the
University of North Carolina

Physics Department August 4, 1950 To: Chancellor J. W. Harrelson
From: Clifford K. Beck
Re: Location for Nuclear Reactor Building
Dear Chancellor Harrelson:

For some week we have attempted to determine the most
suitable location on the State College Campus for the proposed
Nuclear Reactor Building. We have studied all possible loca-
, in the light of various factors involved in the choice,
and have obtained the advice of many of those who, in one way
or another, would be concerned with this decision.

Yesterday, in a lengthy discussion in Dean Lampe's office,
Dr. D. B. Anderson, Dr. J. H. Jensen, Mr. J. G. Vann, Dean Lampe
and I attempted to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of
the various proposed sites, and every possible site does have both
advantages and disadvantages. Having made this summarization, it
was the unanimous opinion of all of those present that the best
choice of site now available is that west of Polk Hall, north of
the Bureau of Mines, in the space now allocated to a proposed
infirmary. To list the factors in favor of this choice would
extend this note unduly, and probably is not needed at this
point. I can do so, however, if you wish. The group named
above feels quite strongly that this is the best location avail-

There is some urgency in the matter of having an official
approval and allocation of space for the Reactor Building. Final
approval of our plans by the A.E.C. is contingent on the choice
of location and inclusion of a suitable description of the site
in the feasibility report not nearing completion. We hope to
submit this report not later than August 15. If, therefore,
you could give us approval of the tentative infirmary site for
the location of the Reactor Building, it would remove the last

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obstacle to completion of the design plans for the Reactor Project.

Very sincerely yours,
Clifford Beck
Clifford K. Beck, Head
Department of Physics

J. H. Lampe
J. H. Lampe, Dean of Engineering
J. W. Harrelson
J. W. Harrelson, Chancellor