May 12, 1950 letter from J. H. Lampe to Mr. James Boyd

May 12, 1950 Mr. James Boyd, Director
U.S. Dept. of the Interior
Bureau of Mines
Washington 25, D. C.
Dear Mr. Boyd:

Dr. Thomas Miller, Associate Director of the Bureau of Mines, was
here on our campus last Friday, May 5, then the first of this week
I had your encouraging letter of May 4. We are indeed happy that
the Bureau of Mines will be glad to enter into a cooperative agree-
ment with North Carolina State College which would make the Bureau
of Mines Experimental Station Building
on our campus available to
the College for the installation and operation of our low-temperature
nuclear reactor. I am sure that there will be no problems as to the
conditions you suggest under which the agreement will be possible.

Last Friday Associate Director Miller, Mr. Virgil Miller, Dr. Clifford
, and I discussed the use of the Bureau of Mines Building for the
proposed nuclear reactor and it was pointed out in this conference
that we are quite anxious to proceed with a cooperative activity
with the Bureau of Mines and the use of the building. Our detailed
investigation, however, has left some questions unanswered which,
at the present moment, prevents us from moving ahead. For your
infomration and so that you will know we are investigating every
phase that might affect the reacotr, the present problems are:

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We indeed appreciate your interest and support and we will keep you
advised as we make progress in our planning and accomplishments in
connection with the nuclear reactor here at Nortch Carolina State

Sincerely yours,
J. H. Lampe
Dean of Engineering