July 5, 1950 letter from J. H. Lampe to Colonel J. W. Harrelson, with enclosure

July 5, 1950 Colonel J. W. Harrelson
North Carolina State College
Dear Colonel Harrelson:

While, at the ASEE meeting in Seattle, Washington, and in visits with many engi-
neering deans as well as members of the Atomic Energy Commision, much interest
was shown on our Nuclear Engineering Program and our plans for a nuclear reac-
tor. Congratulations and encouragement were extended on the progressive program
that we are developing here in the School of Engineering at North Carolina State

Among other things on my desk when I returned from Seattle was a letter to you
written by Dr. Beck under date of June 24, 1950, dealing with the sketch and
floor plans, as well as the external appearance of a building specifically de-
signed to house a nuclear reactor. I appreciate very much Professor J. D. Paul-
's preparing this tentative sketch for the Physics Radiation Laboratory of
the School of Engineering.

There are several locations on the State College campus which would be most
suitable for this Radiation Laboratory, and Dr. Beck and I hope that in the near
future we may review these various locations and make a written report to you
and a request for approval from the Building Committee of the Board of Trustees.
I have heard unofficially, and which I hope is correct, that there is a strong
possibility that $150,000 of State funds have been obtained for the construction
of the nuclear reactor and that there is strong hope of obtaining matching funds
from private sources so that a total of $350,000 will be available to provide the
building to house the Reactor and to build the Reactor and its associated equip-

I believe the development of Nuclear Engineering training here in the School of
Engineering at North Carolina State College
is one of the biggest advances which
has been made in this generation. We have effective national leadership in
this program for the development of experimental work and for graduate and under-
graduate instruction. The Atomic Energy Commission is most sympathetic to our
suggestions and is strongly supporting our designed program. We are now at
the most critical stage of bringing the reactor program to fruition, and that is
the obtaining of the necessary funds to construct the building as well as the
reactor. Dr. Beck and I discussed this whole program yesterday and lock for-
ward to hearing from you officially as to the status of our financial support
for this reactor development.

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With continued high appreciation of your help and support with the developments
and programs of the Engineering School, I am

Sincerely yours,
J. H. Lampe
Dean of Engineering
cc: Mr. J. G. Vann
Dr. Clifford Beck

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North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering
of the
University of North Carolina
Physics Department June 24. 1950 Col. J. W. Harrelson, Chancellor
North Carolina State College
Raleigh, North Caroline
Dear Colonel:

As you requested, Mr. Paulson and I have prepared a tentative sketch
of the floor plan and external appearance of a building specifically designed to
house the Nuclear Reactor State College intends to build. The details are not
completely thought out, but the four essential features of the eventual instal-
lation (sketch 1, left above) are inlcuded. They are, in order of importance

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On first sight, this whole building appears rather a large one.
I have sketched the entire plan as it most desirably should be built. If funds
are not available however, the entire laboratory, though desirable, would not
be initially essential to reactor operation. Quite effective work could be
done with only the central portion and one wing, or even with the central portion
alone (with reassignment of space functions). One wing, or both, could be added
later. It is possible also that each dimension of the building (except perhaps
those of the Reactor Room) could be reduced somewhat, if necessary.

I hope this information and these sketches will be adequate for
your purposes. If there is anything further we can provide you, please command

Perhaps I should add for your information our reactor design, if
anything is ahead of schedule. If events ocour as we now anticipate, complete
approval of our project should be obtained and the construction phase should
begin on or before September 1 of this year.

I remain,
Sincerely yours,
Clifford K. Beck, Head
Department of Physics
CKB lvm