May 7, 1956 letter from J. H. Lampe to Dr. Raymond L. Murray, with enclosure

May 7, 1956

Dr. Raymond L. Murrray
32 Nuclear Reactor

Dear Dr. Murray:

I have just read Dr. Pike's letter of May 4, 1956, which was
written to the Chancellor. I would appreciate your giving me
a report in the very near future of all the special nuclear
on this Campus for which you, as acting director of
the nuclear reactor, must account for. I would also like to
have a statement from you which would cover all the uranium
fuels that have come to North Carolina State College to be
used in the reactor.

I would appreciate very much your doing this so that my detailed
knowledge of this situation will be accurate. I am sure the
Chancellor would also like to have this information. Dr. Pike' s
letter contains some comments and suggestions which I think you
should reply to and work out procedures regarding the fuels so
that we can be assured that all necessary regulations, licenses,
etc., are in our hands and we are in the boundaries of regula-
tons. I will indeed appreciate your help in this matter.


J. H. Lampe
Dean of Engineering


cc: Chancellor Bostian
Dr. F. P. Pike

[ enclosure]




May 4, 1956

Chancellor Corey H. Bostian
Holladay Hall

Dear Dr. Bostian:

This is in response to your transmittal to the Committee of a
copy of your letter of April 24 to Mr. H. L. Price, which per-
tained to the reporting on special nuclear material.

Unfortunately, the Committee has none of the information
necessary for reporting on special nuclear material. Especially
it does not have the information, and has not been able to obtain
it, concerning the loss of enriched uranium consequent to the
various Reactor leaks. You are referred to past correspondence
from the Committee in this regard.

It appears certain that some enriched uranium (special nuclear
) has been lost on this campus, with most of it going
down the Raleigh sewer system. Estimates that I have heard
range from 10 milligrams to 50 grams. The recent NCSC-132 re-
port of Dr. C. K. Beck, on page 27, shows 8 grams - (U-235) un-
accounted for by an estimated material balance. However, I
emphasize that the basis for the 8 gram estimate has never been
revealed and is questionable. Further, the way events have
occurred, it is no longer practical and perhaps not possible to
find out how much was lost, mainly because an indeterminate amount
has been buried in Oak Ridge.

The AEC regulations clearly state that any loss must be reported.
Accordingly, Dr. Beck should have reported, or should report,
this loss. The Committee has no information on what has been
reported to the AEC.

[page 2]

Chancellor Bostian
May 4, 1956

I feel that neither the Committee, nor anyone else, will want
to assume the responsibility for an indeterminate amount of en—
riched uranium with such a clouded history.

Under the circumstances, I suggest that the most appropriate
actions are as follows:

[page 3]

Chancellor Bostian
May 4, 1956

Very truly yours,
F.Philips Pike, Chairman committee
on Safety and Health for the
Nuclear Reactor and

cc: Dean J. H. Lampe
Mr. David O. Lintz
Safety and Health Committee