September 11, 1953 letter from Herman Roth to J. H. Lampe

United States
Atomic Energy Commission In Reply
Refer To: OR:HMR

Oak Ridge, Tennessee
September 11, 1953

Mr. J. H. Lampe, Dean
School of Engineering
North Carolina State College
Raleigh, North Carolina

Subject: Raleigh Research Reactor
Dear Mr. Lampe:

As I said while visiting with you during the first critical experi-
ment on the Raleigh Research Reactor, the North Carolina State College
and the School of Engineering, in particular, are to be congratulated
in having the first privately owned reactor in the United States.
You can be proud of the staff which accomplished this precedent making

Please accept my thanks for the kindness and hospitality shown me
while I was in Raleigh last week.

Sincerely yours,
Herman M. Roth
Herman M. Roth
Assistant Director
Research and Medicine Division