August 8, 1952 letter from J. H. Lampe to Mr. John Harden

August 8, 1952 Mr. John Harden
Vice President
Burlington Mills Corporation
Burlington, N.C.
Dear Mr. Harden:

Mr. W. D. Carmichael, Jr. vice-president and controller of the University
of North Carolina
, has suggested that you be sent a progress report as to
the construction of the Nuclear Reactor Building and the Nuclear Reactor.
The accompanying brochure has been prepared at my request by Dr. Clifford
and has two very interesting photographs in addtion to a pertinent
account of the progress made in this essential instructional and research
development here in our Engineering School.

The rising cost of construction has made drastic changes in the cost of
this project. The cost of the Reactor (now estimated at $150,000) is being
paid with State and College funds. The Reactor Building, which was made
possible through the generous gift of $200,000 from the Burlington Mills
, was originally to cost $300,000. The bids as received were so
high that it was necessary to reduce the number of laboratories and other
essential facilities in the building. We then went ahead with the awarding
of the contract at a value of $380,000. The building is being so constructed
that some time, and we hope in the near future, the rest of the laboratories
can be completed within the building when funds are available.

We here at North Carolina State College, and especially the group in science
and engineering, again express to you, the officers, and the Board of Directors
of Burlington Mills our sincere appreciation of your generous gift and en-
couragement in providing these facilities in the field of nuclear instruc-
tion and research. It is a contribution which will aid us all as we face
the problems of tomorrow.

Sincerely yours,

J. H. Lampe
Dean of Engineering

cc: President Gordon Gray
Mr. W. D. Carmichael, Jr.