June 7, 1951 letter from J. H. Lampe to Mr. J. G. Vann

June 7, 1951 Mr. J. G. Vann
Assistant Controller & Business Manager
Dear Mr. Vann:

As a result of a conference with Dr. Beck this morning and a telephone conversa-
tion with Mr. Murray, I am requesting the immediate release of funds to bring
about the construction of the Nuclear Reactor proper. As I understand it the
account in the Business Office under which the Reactor expenditures are re-
corded is Permanent Improvement, Code 1621 Project 26-A1, Nuclear Reactor.

Dr. Beck and I estimate the following funds are immediately needed to continue
the construction and development of the Reactor:

1. For excavating the Reactor site $3,500.00
2. Pouring of concrete foundations, footings,
and floors, including architect's fees
3. Personal services during the three summer months
to cover testing, construction and installation
of the Reactor's working parts
4. Necessary materials, parts, and supplies for
the construction and installation of the work-
ing part of the Reactor
Total $60,000.00

It is to be noted that there will be additional expenditures this summer in con-
nection with the Reactor about which we cannot make a very close estimate at the
present moment. Immediately before us are two items of some magnitude. The first
one is the need for ordering certain equipment, recording devices, and other in-
strumentation facilities. The price for this equipment might vary anywhere from
$15,000 to $30,000. The second item which we will have to handle this summer and
in the not too distant future is the awarding of a contract for the pouring of
the concrete shielding. Dr. Beck and I thought it would be better to handle
these two items as a separate budget matter when we had more information as to
the exact cost. We, therefore, request at this time that we have immediate re-
lease for the use of construction of the Reactor the sum of $60,000.

Sincerely yours,
J. H. Lampe
Dean of Engineering
cc: Dr. Clifford Beck
Mr. W. M. Murray