March 28, 1952 letter from J.H. Lampe to Mr. J.G. Vann, with enclosure

March 28, 1952
Mr. J. G. Vann
Assistant Controller & Business Manager
N. C. State College
Dear Mr. Vann:

Attached is a copy of a letter which I received today from Dr. Clif-
ford Beck
which shows that the cost of the Reactor proper to date as
$77,100. Dr. Beck's estimated total cost to complete the reactor is
shown to be in the neighborhood of $100,000 to $115,000.

This information comes to you to keep you abreast of our program and
to point out the program ahead. We need and appreciate your counsel
and service as to this development because, as I well understand, there
is now available for this work a sum which is approximately $90,000.

Sincerely yours,
J. H. Lampe
Dean of Engineering
cc: Dr. Clifford Beck

[ Enclosure]

North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering
of the
University of North Carolina

March 28, 1952

Dean J. H. Lampe
School of Engineering

Dear Dean Lampe:

On October 24, 1951, I wrote you a letter outlining the commit-
ments which had been made by the Physics Department against the Reactor Construction
Budget, and a rough estimate of the expenses yet to be incurred. The information
presented to you at that time is summarized as follows:

On Oct. 24, 1951

$ 47,093 committed
45,000 minimum estimate of additional amount required
65,500 maximum estimate of additional amount required
i.e a total of $92,00 to $112,500

For your information, there is presented below an evaluation of
the situation as it appears today. This estimate of total cost to be encountered
is somewhat higher than the previous estimate, principally because the construction
of the concrete shield by Southeastern Construction Company ran well over what
had been expected. (We still do not have the final invoice on this, though

March 20, 1952

Amount Committed:
Labor $10,000
Graphite 3,500
Lead 5,900
Materials in the shield 7,500
Southeastern for shield 20,00 (17,055 + last bill (?))
Miscellaneous 39,200

Estimated additional amount required
Instruments $8,000 $12,00
Water windows 1,5002,000
Labor 7,00010,000
Miscellaneous 8,00014,000
$24,000 $38,000
i.e. a total of $101,600 to $115,100

Sincerely yours,
Clifford K. Beck
Clifford K. Beck, Head
Department of Physics