Staff Memorandum No. 15 - Nuclear Reactor Project Assignments
2 pp.
Feb. 6, 1951

A memo from Dr. Beck assigning specific jobs to members of the staff. It establishes meeting schedules as well as the relationship between various groups.

Feb. 6, 1951
Received from Dr. Beck
JH Lampe a1


Now that the nuclear reactor project has reached the point where definite plans
apparently can be made with some confidence, it is necessary to allocate definite
portions of the project for detailing planning and follow up. It is clear, however,
from the nature of the project, that very few items can be completely isolated and
studies independently of the other items. Most items function in relation to all
others, and very obviously, therefore, close cooperation and teamwork must exist be-
all groups. Limits of responsibility, likewise, will be in many cases in-
and overlapping, so that here, too, close cooperation and teamwork is
an obvious requisite.

This cooperation will not wait on the formal allocation of detailed responsi-
and authority, but instead must result from the common initiative and the
common desire to see the overall goal achieved. Beyond this, coordination between
groups will be maintained by regular meetings of the entire group. These meetings
will be weekly, at present, at 2 P.M. Friday, and more frequently later if needed.

Incidentally, in all these projects, each man should be on the alert for design
and development projects which could be assigned to graduate students for thesis

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In addition to the weekly coordination meetings, I invite chairmen and members
of the various groups to hold conferences with me, (and with each other), as
frequently as desired.

Clifford Beck
Notes: a1

Handwritten remarks by J. H. Lampe.