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Presbyterian Church USA, Department of History

PO Box 849
Montreat, NC 28757

Oversized Records, American Presbyterian Congo Mission (APCM)

Blueprints for several Presbyterian churches built in the Congo and other African sites, 1928-1971.

Oversized Records, Historical Foundation Building

Blueprints for the original building for the Department of History at Montreat, Alfred Morton Githens, architect (NY) (1946, 1952, 1956). Also includes blueprints for 1974 addition proposals, 1981 & 1985 alterations and 1992 additions.

Oversized Records, Montreat, North Carolina

Collection of property and topographical maps of the town of Montreat, 1906-1975. Also includes blueprints for the following residences and buildings in Montreat:

Assembly Inn, Southern G. F. Co. (Atlanta) architects (1925-26)
Assembly Road approaches, sketches (1946)
Auditorium, Decatur Bridge Co., architects (1906, 1920, 1940)
Belk, William residence (n.d.)
Black, William home, George H. F. Burlington and Henry F. Gurley, architects (1948, 1951, 1956)
Fire Protection Service (1967)
Missionary Building (n.d.).
Montreat Library (n.d.)
Montreat World Fellowship Building, (1936)
Montreat Cafe (n.d.);
South Carolina Building (n.d.)
Oversized Records, Presbyterian Church, USA
Blueprints for the following Presbyterian Churches in the southeastern United States:
First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, FL (n.d.)
Arch. Mission Chapel, Calhoon, GA (n.d.)
Rose Hill Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC (1949)
Park Avenue Presbyterian Church, Norfolk, VA (1948)
Broadway Presbyterian church, Fort Worth, TX (n.d.)
James Island Church, South Carolina (1963)
First Presbyterian Church, Milledgeille, GA (1950)
Mount Pleasant Church, Texas (n.d.)
Second Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL (1956)
St. John's Park Presbyterian Church, Charlotte (1939)
St. Andrew's Church, Nashville, TN (1952)
First Presbyterian Church, New Bern (HABS)
Spence Library, Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, VA (1928 survey by Baskervill & Lambert, Architects; 1940 additions by Baskervill & Son, Richmond and A. M. Githens & Francis Keally, New York City)