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For the Survey Project, Completed Spring 1994

Most of the information contained in this survey is the direct result of the work of the many archivists, librarians, manuscript curators, and architects who offered their time to respond to my inquiries, sharing their experience and knowledge of their holdings. They also made available descriptions and indexes that they or other archivists completed. I am sure some of them grew weary of my requests for material. This survey was only possible because of their assistance and their generosity.

This endeavor evolved out of a class project begin in February of 1994. It evolved into a graduate internship that following summer. Throughout the project, a tremendous amount of support came from my two internship supervisors, Catherine W. Bishir and Charlotte V. Brown. Their vast knowledge of the history of North Carolina building proved invaluable to the project. Moreover, their excitement and enthusiasm for North Carolina architecture was--and still is--contagious.

So many others shared their time and assisted with the project. The entire staff of the Visual Arts Center (now Gallery of Art & Design) gladly offered their resources;" Myrick Howard of Preservation/NC shared car rides back and forth to Wilmington; and David Olson incorporated survey work at the North Carolina State Archives into my internship there funded by the Friends of the Archives, Inc., for the fall term of 1994.

C. David Jackson

Spring 1994