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Whiteboards in use at one of the Group Studies in D. H. Hill
D. H. Hill Library
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Each floor of the Bookstacks between 3 and 8 has two reservable group study rooms. These rooms have mobile whiteboards and writable wall surfaces, flat panel displays, and seating for 6. These rooms can be reserved up to one week in advance for group study sessions up to two hours long.

Location Information

Room Numbers: 
  • 3419,
  • 3430,
  • 4419,
  • 4430,
  • 5419,
  • 5430,
  • 6406,
  • 6419,
  • 7406,
  • 7419,
  • 8406,
  • 8419


Enter the D. H. Hill Library from the Brickyard. To the right are elevators and enclosed stairs. Take them up to the appropriate floor. The door to Room A is across from the elevators. The door to Room B is on the other side of the study rooms.

Reservation Information

Group study rooms may be reserved by NCSU students, faculty and staff for up to two hours. Due to high demand, groups are limited to one reservation per day. Reservations can be made up to seven days in advance.

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Research and Information Services

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(919) 515-3364

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