Digital Media Lab Workstations

D. H. Hill Library

1st Floor

The Digital Media Lab (DML) contains several first-come, first-served and reservable spaces and workstations that contain software and hardware for scanning, digitization, audio, video, and graphics creation and editing. Four Music Booths (Mac), the DML Studio (Mac and PC), three reservable 5k iMacs and a reservable programming PC available which include access to, and 14 walk-up iMacs are featured in the DML.

All workstations (Mac and PC) feature Adobe Creative Cloud; all Macs feature iMovie and Garageband; reservable Macs feature Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro; Music Booth and DML Studio Macs feature Ableton, ProTools, and other high-end audio production software. Ask Us or see the web pages for the individual spaces for more information!

Reservation and Use Guidelines

Reservable up to 7 days in advance.
Reserve for up to 2 hours.
Reservable by Students, Faculty, Staff.
After 15 minute grace period for arrival, space becomes available to others.
View room use guidelines.