Creativity Suite
Hunt, Room(s) 4403
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The Creativity Studio is a high-technology "white-box" space that can be configured for a wide variety of teaching, learning, and collaborative activities in many disciplines. It features high-definition projectors and movable and writable walls. The Studio can be configured for simulations and virtual environments.
  • Standard Use Cases
  • Displays & Video Output
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Reservation and Use Guidelines

May be reserved up to six months in advance by NC State faculty members and graduate students for research or curricular activities for periods ranging from 1 hour to a full day.
Food and beverage service, including catering, is not allowed in this room.
This room offers technical capabilities that may require special preparation and testing prior to a scheduled activity. To learn about these capabilities, users may request a consultation.
The NCSU Libraries reserves the right to change a user’s reservation, if necessary, and will provide as much advance notice as possible should this be necessary.
Users are requested to cancel reservations in advance if their plans change, so that the space can be available to others.

Special Access

Graduate Student

Space type

High Tech Space