Green Roof

One of the Hunt Library's most striking features is the nearly 7,000 square feet of green roof that stretch down the east and west sides of its top floor. On a practical level, the roof is a key part of what makes the Hunt Library an ecologically sound LEED Silver-certified building. The layer of low-maintenance vegetation that is planted on top of the roof's waterproof membrane processes carbon dioxide, absorbs sunlight, and provides a layer of natural insulation that lowers energy costs throughout the year. Rainwater that falls on the roof is filtered and slowly released into the storm drainage system, again making the Hunt Library a model of forward-looking and sustainable practices. On another level, the beauty and grace of this natural area growing just outside popular spots such as the Skyline Reading Room and the Faculty Research Commons will make the Green Roof one of the most memorable places in the building.

West side Green Roof (1300 square feet)--$70,000
East side Green Roof (5600 square feet)--$130,000