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Number of Publications: 10
Obermiller, J. D.

McArtney, S. J., Obermiller, J. D., & Arellano, C. (2012). Comparison of the effects of metamitron on chlorophyll fluorescence and fruit set in apple and peach. HortScience, 47(4), 509-514.

McArtney, S., & Obermiller, J. D. (2011). Effect of dwarfing rootstocks on low temperature tolerance of 'Golden Delicious' apple trees during Winter 2008-2009. Journal American Pomological Society, 65(4), 178-184.

McArtney, S., Parker, M., Obermiller, J., & Hoyt, T. (2011). Effects of 1-Methylcyclopropene on firmness loss and the development of rots in apple fruit kept in farm markets or at elevated temperatures. HortTechnology, 21(4), 494-499.

McArtney, S. J., Obermiller, J. D., Hoyt, T., & Parker, M. L. (2009). 'Law Rome' and 'Golden Delicious' apples differ in their response to preharvest and postharvest 1-Methylcyclopropene treatment combinations. HortScience, 44(6), 1632-1636.

Unrath, C. R., Obermiller, J. D., Green, A., & McArtney, S. J. (2009). The effects of aminoethoxyvinylglycine and naphthaleneacetic acid treatments on abscission and firmness of 'Scarletspur Delicious' apples at normal and delayed harvests. HortTechnology, 19(3), 620-625.

McArtney, S. J., & Obermiller, J. D. (2008). Comparative performance of air-induction and conventional nozzles on an axial fan sprayer in medium density apple orchards. HortTechnology, 18(3), 365-371.

McArtney, S. J., Obermiller, J. D., Schupp, J. R., Parker, M. L., & Edgington, T. B. (2008). Preharvest 1-methyl cyclopropene delays fruit maturity and reduces softening and superficial scald of apples during long-term storage. HortScience, 43(2), 366-371.

McCartney, S., Unrath, D., Obermiller, J. D., & Green, A. (2007). Naphthaleneacetic acid, ethephon, and gibberellin A4+A7 have variable effects on flesh firmness and return bloom of apple. HortTechnology, 17(1), 32-38.

McCartney, S., Obermiller, J. D., & Green, A. (2007). Prohexadione-Ca reduces russet and does not negate the efficacy of GA(4+7) sprays for russet control on 'Golden delicious' apples. HortScience, 42(3), 550-554.

Mcartney, S., Ferree, D., Schmid, J., Obermiller, J. D., & Green, A. (2006). Effects of prohexadione-Ca and GA(4+7) on scarf skin and fruit maturity in apple. HortScience, 41(7), 1602-1605.

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