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Kraus, Helen Tyler

Paparozzi, E. T., Williams, K. A., Geneve, R., Hatterman-Valenti, H., Haynes, C., Kraus, H., McKenney, C., & Pitts, J. (2011). Development of the AG*IDEA Alliance's horticulture graduate certificates program and Inter-institutional course share. HortTechnology, 21(6), 688-691.

Kraus, H. T., Warren, S. L., Bjorkquist, G. J., Lowder, A. W., Tchir, C. M., & Walton, K. N. (2011). Nitrogen:phosphorus:potassium ratios affect production of two herbaceous perennials. HortScience, 46(5), 776-783.

Kraus, H. T., Warren, S. L., & Anderson, C. E. (2002). Nitrogen form affects growth, mineral nutrient content, and root anatomy of Cotoneaster and Rudbeckia. HortScience, 37(1), 126-129.

Warren, S. L., Bilderback, T. E., & Kraus, H. H. (2001). Method of fertilizer application affects nutrient losses of controlled-release fertilizer.

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