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Number of Publications: 2
Kornegay, Julia L.

Carlson, A. S., Dole, J. M., Matthysse, A. G., Hoffmann, W. A., & Kornegay, J. L. (2015). Bacteria species and solution pH effect postharvest quality of cut Zinnia elegans. Scientia Horticulturae, 194, 71-78.

Reganold, J. P., Jackson-Smith, D., Batie, S. S., Harwood, R. R., Kornegay, J. L., Bucks, D., Flora, C. B., Hanson, J. C., Jury, W. A., Meyer, D., Schumacher, A., Sehmsdorf, H., Shennan, C., Thrupp, L. A., & Willis, P. (2011). Transforming U.S. agriculture. Science, 332(6030), 670-671.

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