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Number of Publications: 10
Perkins-Veazie, Penelope M.

Brown, A. F., Yousef, G. G., Guzman, I., Chebrolu, K. K., Werner, D. J., Parker, M., Gasic, K., & Perkins-Veazie, P. (2014). Variation of carotenoids and polyphenolics in peach and implications on breeding for modified phytochemical profiles. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science, 139(6), 676-686.

Fernandez, G. E., Ballington, J. R., & Perkins-Veazie, P. (2013). 'Von' thornless blackberry. HortScience, 48(5), 654-656.

Davis, A. R., Webber, C. L., Liu, W. G., Perkins-Veazie, P., Levi, A., & King, S. (2013). Watermelon quality traits as affected by ploidy. HortScience, 48(9), 1113-1118.

Bradish, C. M., Perkins-Veazie, P., Fernandez, G. E., Xie, G. X., & Jia, W. (2012). Comparison of flavonoid composition of red raspberries (Rubus idaeus L.) grown in the Southern United States. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 60(23), 5779-5786.

Perkins-Veazie, P., Davis, A., & Collins, J. K. (2012). Watermelon: From dessert to functional food. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences, 60(4), 395-402.

Clark, J. R., & Perkins-Veazie, P. (2011). 'APF-45' Primocane-fruiting blackberry. HortScience, 46(4), 670-673.

Figueroa, A., Sanchez-Gonzalez, M. A., Perkins-Veazie, P. M., & Arjmandi, B. H. (2011). Effects of watermelon supplementation on aortic blood pressure and wave reflection in individuals with prehypertension: A pilot study. American Journal of Hypertension, 24(1), 40-44.

Davis, A. R., Webber, C. L., Fish, W. W., Wehner, T. C., King, S., & Perkins-Veazie, P. (2011). L-citrulline levels in watermelon cultigens tested in two environments. HortScience, 46(12), 1572-1575.

Vinson, E. L., Woods, F. M., Kemble, J. M., Perkins-Veazie, P., Davis, A., & Kessler, J. R. (2010). Use of external indicators to predict maturity of mini-watermelon fruit. HortScience, 45(7), 1034-1037.

Conference Papers
Fernandez, G. E., & Perkins-Veazie, P. (2013). Yield and postharvest attributes of caneberries grown under high tunnels and in the open field in North Carolina. In International symposium on high tunnel horticultural crop production. (Acta Horticulturae, 987) (pp. 89-98).

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