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Number of Publications: 29
Bilderback, Theodore E.

Turk, R. L., Kraus, H. T., Bilderback, T. E., Hunt, W. F., & Fonteno, W. C. (2014). Rain garden filter bed substrates affect stormwater nutrient remediation. HortScience, 49(5), 645-652.

Lea-Cox, J. D., Zhao, C., Ross, D. S., Bilderback, T. E., Harris, J. R., Day, S. D., Hong, C. X., Yeager, T. H., Beeson, R. C., Bauerle, W. L., Ristvey, A. G., Lorscheider, M., Dickinson, S., & Ruter, J. M. (2010). A nursery and greenhouse online knowledge center: Learning opportunities for sustainable practice. HortTechnology, 20(3), 509-517.

McGinnis, M. S., Warren, S. L., & Bilderback, T. E. (2009). Replacing conventional nursery crop nutrient inputs with vermicompost for container production of hibiscus moscheutos L. 'Luna Blush'. HortScience, 44(6), 1698-1703.

Owen, J. S., Warren, S. L., Bilderback, T. E., & Albano, J. P. (2008). Phosphorus rate, leaching fraction, and substrate influence on influent quantity, effluent nutrient content, and response of a containerized woody ornamental crop. HortScience, 43(3), 906-912.

Owen, J. S., Warren, S. L., Bilderback, T. E., & Albano, J. P. (2007). Industrial mineral aggregate amendment affects physical and chemical properties of pine bark substrates. HortScience, 42(5), 1287-1294.

Warren, S. L., & Bilderback, T. E. (2005). More plant per gallon: Getting more out of your water. HortTechnology, 15(1), 14-18.

Sanders, D. C., Monks, D. W., Bilderback, T. E., & Boyette, M. D. (2004). Competency based training program in horticulture for County Extension Agents in North Carolina.

Warren, S. L., & Bilderback, T. E. (2004). Irrigation timing: Effect on plant growth, photosynthesis, water-use efficiency and substrate temperature.

Warren, S. L., & Bilderback, T. E. (2004). Nursery floor affects containerized plant growth. Journal of Environmental Horticulture, 22(2), 100.

Bilderback, T. E., & Neal, J. C. (2004). Wulpak used as a mulch or an amendment for nursery potting substrates.

Ivy, R. L., Bilderback, T. E., & Warren, S. L. (2002). Date of potting and fertilization affects plant growth, mineral nutrient content, and substrate electrical conductivity. Journal of Environmental Horticulture, 20(2), 104.

Warren, S. L., & Bilderback, T. E. (2002). Timing of low pressure irrigation affects plant growth and water utilization efficiency. Journal of Environmental Horticulture, 20(3), 184.

Bilderback, T. E. (2002). Water management is key in reducing nutrient runoff from container nurseries. HortTechnology, 12(4), 541-544.

Bilderback, T. E. (2001). Environmentally compatible container plant production practices.

Warren, S. L., Bilderback, T. E., & Kraus, H. H. (2001). Method of fertilizer application affects nutrient losses of controlled-release fertilizer.

Rouse, R. J., Fantz, P. R., & Bilderback, T. E. (2000). Descriptions and a key to cultivars of Japanese cedar cultivated in the eastern United States. HortTechnology, 10(2), 253-266.

Bilderback, T. E., Warren, S. L., & Daniels, J. H. (1999). Managing irrigation by electrical conductivity. Acta Horticulturae, (481), 403.

Bilderback, T. E. (1998). A river runs through them. American Nurseryman, 188(2), 79-.

Rouse, R. J., Fantz, P. R., & Bilderback, T. E. (1997). Problems identifying Japanese cedar cultivated in the United States. HortTechnology, 7(2), 129-133.

Bilderback, T. E., & Lorscheider, M. R. (1997). Wetting agents used in container substrates are they BMP's [best management practices]?. Acta Horticulturae, (450), 313.

Bilderback, T. E., & Lorscheider, M. R. (1995). Physical properties of double-processed pine bark: Effects on rooting. Acta Horticulturae, (401), 77.

Bilderback, T. E., & Fonteno, W. C. (1993). Improving nutrient and moisture retention in pine bark substrates with rockwool and compost combinations. Acta Horticulturae, (342), 265.

Bilderback, T. E., Thomasson, L. Q., & Fantz, P. R. (1992). 'Carolina Spring' rhododendron. HortScience, 27(4), 378.

Bilderback, T. E., Cagle, D. J., & Fantz, P. R. (1990). 'Greenthumb Peppermint' azalea. HortScience, 25(2), 236.

Bilderback, T. E., & Fantz, P. R. (1990). Azaleas -- cultivar selection, breeding, and culture in North Carolina. HortScience, 25(2), 134.

Bilderback, T. E., Fonteno, W. C., & Johnson, D. R. (1982). Physical properties of media composed of peanut hulls, pine bark, and peatmoss and their effects on azalea growth. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science, 107(3), 522.

Conference Papers
Kraus, H., Pledger, R., Riley, E., Fonteno, W. C., Jackson, B. E., Bilderback, T., & Arboretum, J. C. R. (2014). Defining rain garden filter bed substrates based on saturated hydraulic conductivity. In International symposium on growing media and soilless cultivation. (Acta Horticulturae, 1034) (pp. 57-64).

Bilderback, T. E., Riley, E. D., Jackson, B. E., Kraus, H. T., Fonteno, W. C., Owen, J. S., Altland, J., & Fain, G. B. (2013). Strategies for developing sustainable substrates in nursery crop production. In International symposium on growing media, composting and substrate analysis. (Acta Horticulturae, 1013) (pp. 43-56).

Fantz, P. R., Rouse, R. J., & & Bilderback, T. E. (1999). Cultivar-groups in Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica). In S. Andrews, A.C. Leslie, & C. Alexander (Eds.), Taxonomy of cultivated plants: Third international symposium: Proceedings of the meeting held in Edinburgh, Scotland, 20-26 July 1998. (pp. 325-334). Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens.

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