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Number of Publications: 4
Gunter, Christopher C.

Gunter, C., & Egel, D. S. (2012). Staminate flower production and fusarium wilt reaction of diploid cultivars used as pollenizers for triploid watermelon. HortTechnology, 22(5), 694-699.

Biai, C. J., Garzon, J. G., Osborne, J. A., Schultheis, J. R., Gehl, R. J., & Gunter, C. C. (2011). Height control in three pepper types treated with drench-applied abscisic acid. HortScience, 46(9), 1265-1269.

Gunter, C. C., & Palta, J. P. (2008). Exchangeable soil calcium may not reliably predict in-season calcium requirements for enhancing potato tuber calcium concentration. American Journal of Potato Research, 85(5), 324-331.

Egel, D. S., Martyn, R., & Gunter, C. (2008). Planting method, plastic mulch, and fumigation influence growth, yield and root structure of watermelon. HortScience, 43(5), 1410-1414.

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