Focus Online: Volume 28 number 3

Volume 28 number 3 - Spring 2008

Publisher: North Carolina State University Libraries, Campus Box 7111, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7111
Editor: Terrell Armistead Crow
Copyright: 2008, NCSU

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Focus online Spring 2008, Volume 28.3, Part I, Library News | pdf file: 1.3Mb

  • NC State Has Game: Serious Games on Campus
  • Design Library Images Available in ARTstor
  • Xtreme Collecting
  • Hunt Library Planning in Full Swing
  • Watch PBS Programs on Your Desktop

Focus online Spring 2008, Volume 28.3, Part II, Library Seminars and Events | pdf file: 271k

  • Above & Beyond Student Library Service Award Recipients

Focus online Spring 2008, Volume 28.3, Part III, New Library Personnel | pdf file: 235k

  • Kristine M. Alpi
  • Jason Casden
  • Matthew S. Sumner

Focus online Spring 2008, Volume 28.3, Part IV, Library Development | pdf file: 407k

  • A Man Before His Time
  • Status of Corporate Partners Program
  • Honor with Books--What Better Way?
  • New Library Endowments
  • Patrons of the Arts Collections
  • Honor with Books
  • NC State Community Memorials

Focus online Spring 2008, Vol. 28.3, Part V, Friends of the Library | pdf file: 431k

  • President's Column
  • Friends of the Library Spring Dinner 2008
  • Friends of the Library Special Reading with Cokie Roberts
  • Fall Luncheon, Presidential Biographer Sheds New Light on Lincoln
  • In Memoriam: Joan Barkalow