Focus Online: Volume 22 number 2

Volume 22 number 2 - Winter 2002

Publisher: North Carolina State University Libraries, Campus Box 7111, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7111
Editor: Terrell Armistead Crow
Copyright: 2002

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Focus online Winter 2002, Volume 22.2, Part I, Library News | pdf file: 564k

  • DELTA & Distance Learning Services: A Working Partnership in Distance Education
  • David Danehower and Ross Whetten Receive 2001 NCSU Libraries Faculty Award
  • New Approaches to Cross-Collection Searching
  • NC State Librarians Win Best Paper Award at ASEE Conference
  • First Temple of the Atom Electronic Text Project: Increasing Access to Special Collections in the Digital Age
  • Agriculture Flourishes in Special Collections

Focus online Winter 2002, Volume 22.2, Part II, Library Seminars and Events | pdf file: 328k

  • Bug-O-Rama
  • Regan Exhibit and Reception a Success
  • NCSU Libraries Salutes Its Student Employees

Focus online Winter 2002, Volume 22.2, Part III, New Library Personnel, May-September 2001 | pdf file: 204k

  • Andrew K. Pace
  • May M. Chang
  • Honora Nerz
  • Scott T. Watkins
  • Karen E. DeWitt
  • Karen M. Letarte

Focus online Winter 2002, Volume 22.2, Part IV, Library Development | pdf file: 164k

  • A Lasting Legacy
  • Library Friends Inducted into Pullen Society

Focus online Winter 2002, Volume 22.2, Part V, Friends of the Library | pdf file: 488k

  • What's Really In Your Lunch! The 2001 Fall Luncheon
  • Spring Dinner 2002 with Robert B. Parker
  • North Carolina Literary Festival
  • University Authors Days Scheduled
  • Friends of the Library Board of Directors Photo
  • Twelfth Annual Book Sale
  • Changes to the Book Donation Policy
  • Calendar of Events