News Stories By Todd Kosmerick

Block-S logo in the Brickyard, 2006 (photo by Ed Funkhouser)

Fabulous 50: Brickyard Dedication

On 7 March 1968, the university officially dedicated the Brickyard at a ceremony at which Chancellor... more

Fabulous 50: Speaker Ban Ends

On 19 February 1968, the courts declared unconstitutional a law banning certain speakers from North Carolina colleges and universities.  Known as the Speaker Ban and passed by the North... more

Oat and rye flours were possible alternatives to wheat (white) flour duirng World War I.

Recipes from World War I (Part 2) - Wheatless

[This posting of Special Collections News follows the one of January 16 that presented recipes for meat alternatives.  Today’s focuses on wheat substitutes, as revealed... more

Early Extension canning work with African American women, 1920s

Wonderful 100: First African-American Women in NC Cooperative Extension

One hundred years ago the first African American women were hired by North Carolina Cooperative Extension (then called the Agricultural Extension Service).  The weekly publication... more

An Agricultural Extension Service home demonstration during the World War I period

Recipes from World War I (Part 1) - Meatless

[During the 100th anniversary of U.S. participation in World War I, Special Collections News periodically reviews the impact that the war had on NC State students and faculty, as well as the campus and the extension and outreach programs.]

During World War I, Americans at home were... more

Trophy from NC State's Liberty Bowl victory on 1 Jan. 1968.

Fabulous 50: Liberty Bowl Victory

On 1 January 1968, NC State’s football team won the Liberty Bowl.  This was the team’s first bowl game victory.

... more

Professor Guy Owen, author of the Ballad of the Flim Flam Man

Fabulous 50: The Flim-Flam Man

(This posting of Special Collections News is co-written with Taylor Wolford, who has interned this past semester in Special Collections.   She is an English major interested in a career in archives and special collections libraries.)

Fifty years ago the movie... more

Happy Anniversary, Nubian Message!

Today the Nubian Message celebrates 25 years of publishing on the NC State campus.  In the... more

The 1967-1968 men's freshmen basketball team was the first at NC State with African American players.  William Cooper is first from right in the front row.  Al Heartley is second from left in the middle row.

Fabulous 50: First African American Men's Basketball Players

NC State’s first African American men’s basketball players were Al Heartley and William Cooper, who joined the freshman team in the fall of 1967.  The next year... more

A patriotic sheep display in a Raleigh bank, 23 May 1918, one of several NC Agricultural Extension Service promotions during World War I.

Agricultural Patriotism During World War I


In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of U.S. participation in World War I, Special Collections continues its examination of the impact that the war had on NC State students, faculty, and... more