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Memorial Belltower Plans Detailing Bells (undated)

Memorial Bell Tower to be Completed a Century After Its Start

Campus recently announced that, with the support of a generous donation from Bill and Frances Henry of Gastonia, NC, the Memorial Belltower will be completed, bells and all. The Henrys... more

Eclipse crowd gathers in front of D. H. Hill Library

Campus Views the Great American Eclipse

This is turning out to be an astronomically-interesting couple of months. Today, there's an occultation of Venus, Mars, and Mercury. This follows almost exactly a month after the Great American Eclipse, which occured on August 21. While we in Raleigh weren't in the path of totality, we... more

Total solar eclipse visible Saturday

Eclipse of the Century Crosses North Carolina

Certainly everyone has heard about the Great American Eclipse that's passing over a wide swath of the US next Monday, August 21. North Carolina is in a pretty decent spot for viewing, with around 90% totality,... more

Operating MAVAC computer

Describing Archived Web Content

Our profession has been harvesting and archiving web content for well over a dozen years, yet archivists have still not settled on... more

A Photograph of Unidentified NFA Student Members Holding a NFA Banner

Rediscovering Agricultural History on the Campus of North Carolina A&T State University

This post was contributed by James R. Stewart Jr., Archives and Special Collections Librarian, North Carolina A&T State University.

Better Living In North Carolina is a collaborative digitization project between the NCSU Libraries and the ... more

1967 Agromeck

Additions to the Libraries’ Online Agromeck Collection

The SCRC recently added issues of the Agromeck, the university’s yearbook, to the Libraries Rare and Unique Digital Collections site. We now have a near full run of the yearbook, from 1903 to 2005, available online and fully searchable.

... more

Better Metadata...NOW!

In the past we’ve written about the “Now” feature in the Rare and Unique Digital Collections site. It’s a neat way to... more

The club mixes it up with the opponent!

Wolfpack Hockey

On this day in 1960 , the U.S. Men's Olympic Hockey Team beat Russia 3-2 in the tourney semifinals. The team went on to win their first ever gold medal in hockey, beating the Czechoslovakian... more

The SCRC and Movember Present Great Mo'ments in NC State Mustache History

The things SCRC staff members like the most, in order of preference, are:

1. Acquiring and appraising archival materials. 2. Processing archival materials and making them... more

Going, Going, Gone

What goes up must come down. Harrelson Hall wasn't exactly the most beloved of campus buildings, but in early depictions you can see the excitement that went with... more