Multimedia Research Contest

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What is it?

Students at NC State are experimenting with new and interesting methods of conducting and presenting research through visualization and digital media.  The 1st Annual Multimedia Research Contest seeks to recognize and promote this innovation by offering prizes for student projects using animations, web sites, digital maps, 3D visualizations, video games, or other creative formats.  Here’s your chance to develop your skills, and try to win some cash in the process!

Completed projects are due April 1, 2015, and should include a bibliography, 50-100 word abstract, and a 200-300 word overview of the research process.

Who is eligible?

Any NC State undergraduate or master's student is eligible to enter. Students may enter either individually or in groups. Groups may have both undergraduates and graduates within the same group. Students from all departments in the university are encouraged to enter.


Select projects will be publicly showcased within the NCSU Libraries.

Through a generous grant from Gale Cengage Learning, the Libraries will offer:

  • Total prizes of $1500, including a grand prize of at least $1000.
  • A catered awards reception in Spring 2015.

See Rules and Regulations

Theme: Innovation and the 18th century

Each project for this year’s contest must involve the 18th century (1700-1800); however, the project doesn’t have to be only about the 18th century. Are you interested in a technology that began in the 18th century but continues to impact our lives today? Is there a line of research that began earlier in history but really came into its own in the 18th century? As long as approximately 25% of the content deals with the 18th century, it’s eligible for entry.

How to Enter

Submit the Registration Form as early as possible, so that the library can offer assistance with resources and/or technology.  When your project is finished, the File Submission page provides detailed instructions for submitting your final project.

Sample Topics

  • The Forty-Seven Ronin: a Video Retelling of the Japanese Saga
  • Napoleon’s Beginnings: An Interactive Map of his Rise to Power
  • Digital Re-creation of 18th century Coffee Trade Routes
  • Blackbeard’s Revenge: a 3D Digital Re-creation of the Pirate’s Vessel
  • Animated Tour of and 18th century Textile Shop
  • Use of Public Space in the French Revolution
  • Treatment of Animals in the 18th century Circuses
  • The High Seas: Plunder and Pillage the Caribbean (video game)
  • 3D Model of the Putuo Zongcheng Temple
  • Animating Photosynthesis: from Discovery to Modern Understanding
  • Technological Challenges in Understand the Orbit of Venus
  • Transformation of the Field of Chemistry by Lavoisier’s 1789 Text Elements of Chemistry

Need Help?

If you have any questions about the contest, available technology, or conducting research, contact us at