Instruction Support Services

Digital Media Assignments

The library provides support for instructors and students completing digital media assignments. The following resources are recommended for instructors.

Instructional Support

Library staff are available to consult with you about your digital media assignment as well as provide an in-class presentation highlighting resources, technology, and assistance available to students.

Technology Help

The following resources will help your students become aware of and learn to use technology and software available through the library. We also have staff available to provide point-of-need assistance and technology consultations.

  • Student Digital Media Assignment Guide: Point your students to useful information and resources available at the library to create digital media projects.
  • You or your students can learn iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, GarageBand, and other software using these video tutorials.
  • Request a Technology Consultation: You or your students can make a one-hour appointment with one of the library's Digital Media Assistants to receive software help.

Copyright and Fair Use

The following resources will give you an overview of copyright and fair use in relation to digital media assignments.

Completed Project Examples

Check out these assignments from previous semesters.

Other Useful Resources

Librarian Contact Information

  • Anne Burke, Undergraduate Instruction and Outreach Librarian
  • (919) 513-7426