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Textiles and Engineering Services

Instruction documents for:
Scott Warren, Assistant Head, Textiles Library and Engineering Services

Course Semester Instruction Document
E 101 Fall 2004 Engineering Information: Putting It Together
E 101 Fall 2005 Navigating the NCSU Libraries Website
ECE 380 Fall 2006 ECE Database Resources
MSE 403 Fall 2006 MSE 403 Grading Sheet
PCC 302 Fall 2005 Scholarly, Popular and Trade Periodicals
T 101 Fall 2006 T101 Scavenger Hunt
T 101 Fall 2006 T101 TTI Assignment
TAM 573 Spring 2005 Product Development Research for Textiles
TMS 762 Fall 2006 Locating medical textiles information
TT 573 Spring 2007 Product Development in Textiles