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Where can I find NCSU Libraries eBooks?

All eBooks currently available through the NCSU Libraries

How can I find eBooks on a particular topic?

Do a keyword search in the NCSU Libraries’ catalog:

  • Narrow Your Search by: Available Online, then limit the Format to: ebook (See Demo)

What are the most popular platforms for eBooks offered through NCSU Libraries?

The NCSU Libraries provides access to thousands of eBooks across a variety of eBook publishers and vendors. Below is a summary of the most popular eBook platforms for NCSU-acquired content. We also have eBooks on Amazon Kindles (find out about our eBook Reader Lending program).

Titles on Publishers' Website Titles in NCSU Libraries Catalog Display Options Software Needed Downloading Limits
EBSCO (formerly NetLibrary) NCSU EBSCO titles Text PDF PDF Reader Up to 60 pages
ebrary NCSU ebrary titles Image PDF Browser or ebrary Reader Downloading not allowed; print up to 60 pages with ebrary reader (or save as PDF with QuickView)
SpringerLink NCSU SpringerLink titles PDF & HTML PDF Reader Chapters downloadable
EBook Library (EBL) NCSU EBL titles PDF & HTML Adobe Digital Editions Whole book downloadable
Wiley Online Library NCSU Wiley titles PDF & HTML PDF Reader Chapters downloadable
ScienceDirect (Elsevier) NCSU ScienceDirect titles PDF & HTML PDF Reader Chapters downloadable
National Academies Press (NAP) NCSU NAP titles PDF & HTML PDF Reader Chapters or Whole books downloadable
Greenwood/ABC-CLIO NCSU Greenwood titles HTML Browser Chapters downloadable
Morgan & Claypool NCSU Morgan & Claypool titles PDF PDF Reader Whole books downloadable
Safari Books Online NCSU Safari titles HTML Browser Individual pages only
Open Content Alliance (OCA) NCSU OCA titles PDF & HTML PDF Reader or Browser Whole book downloadable