Finding Books in Design: Design Research Guide

These guides are a combination of online tutorials and webguides. They're intended to help you locate materials and do research in the design disciplines and in the Design Library itself. If they don't provide enough information for your needs, or if it is unclear to you what to do, please don't hesitate to send me an email or ask one of the Design Library staff for assistance.

Finding things in the catalog

These videos will help you learn to use the online catalog, and find books both in the Design Library and at other libraries on campus.

Finding Books: Library Catalog Basics

An introduction to searching for books and media in the online library catalog.

Finding Books - Part 1
Finding Books: Digging Deeper in the Catalog

The introduction to catalog searching continues with pointers for narrowing and expanding your search.

Finding Books - Part 2
Finding Books: Expanding to Other Libraries

This video shows you how to expand your search to other libraries if you don't find what you want in the NCSU Libraries catalog.

Finding Books - Part 3
Getting a Book in D.H. Hill library

You've found an interesting book in the catalog, but it's at D.H. Hill Library. How do you find the book in D.H. Hill Library?

Finding Books - Part 3


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