Business, Trade, Industry, and Local News

Librarian: Jennifer Garrett

Importance of News in Business Research

  • Industry, trade and local news are important sources of business information.
  • Sometimes newspapers are the only source of publicly available information on a company, its executives, products, sales, brands or future plans.
  • If your Google searches are not very useful, see below for a few additional strategies to try.

Google Search Tips

There are a number of Google search operators that are not widely known, but can be quite handy for doing more precise searching - rather than using an assortment of keywords. Here are just a few tips:

Operator When to Use It Example
AROUND When you want two words or phrases to appear near each other (i.e. this increases the chances that source talks about both items in relation to each other). "coty inc" AROUND(2) "north carolina"
filetype: When you want to narrow your results to specific file types such as pdf, xls, doc, or pptx (i.e. it is likely to return results that are reports, publications, datasheets, presentations, etc.) industry statistics filetype:xls

When you want to narrow your results to certain domains that may be more reputable or provide quality information for free rather than commerical sites with good SEO (i.e., government publications or whitepapers available through college departmental websites).

When you want to search through a company's large website content but there is inadequate site search options (i.e. sometimes websites are hard to navigate or don't provide a direct link to publicly accessible reports or tertiary pages on the site).



"annual report"

Newspaper Full Text Databases

  • While general web searches may help you browse highly-ranked, or the latest information, often full-text access is limited or restricted to paying subscription members.
  • The Libraries subscribes to a number of U.S. and International newspaper databases that provide more sophisticated search tools as well as extensive full text coverage.
  • In addition to the resources listed below, you can take a look at newspaper databases available through the Libraries here.
  • Use news sources to find out about current happenings, executive changes, management restructuring, new products, mergers and acquisitions, brands, etc.

 Corporate Affiliations
(M&A, brands, parent and subsidiary relations)

 Business Source Complete
(Trade and industry news sources)

 LexisNexis Academic
(Limit to Business News Sources)

 Wall Street Journal (via ProQuest)

Local and Business News Search

Google™ Custom Search

This is a customized Google Search. It searches through a set of news sites that have been hand-selected by a Librarian. It searches the websites of N&O, Herald Sun, Independent Weekly, TBJ, WRAL, and NC Public Radio, WUNC. It also includes some of the better known general business news sites such as the Financial Times, BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc. It is designed to help reduce the 'noise' of the general web. For more information on creating custom search boxes, take a look at this page.