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What it is:

  • A global market research database with Statistics, data, reports and more brief analysis called 'comments', and sources for more information.

What you can expect to find:

  • Demographic, economic, and marketing statistics with political, economic and lifestyle indicators for North America and Asia-Pacific countries.
  • Indicators such as disposable income, consumer expenditure, eating and drinking habits, home ownership, health data, etc.
  • Industries include mostly commercial product and service categories such as clothing and footwear, health and wellness, housewares and home furnishings, tobacco, toys and games, travel and tourism, etc., as well as related sectors such as packaging and retailing.
  • Offers both historical and forecast data, with availability depending on the variable.

Some useful things you can do:

  • Use the "Menu search" option to browse or keyword search for specific variables, then narrow by geographic regions.
  • Manipulate and customize data by modifying unit price, currency, unit of measure, etc. Time series options include viewing historic and/or forecast figures depending on availability.
  • Use keyword or boolean search options in advanced search for analysis of commercial opportunities based on significant trends.
  • Export selected numeric data for use in excel, or full text analysis in Word or PDF formats.


  • Current subscription includes the following geographic areas: North America (U.S. & Canada), Asia-Pacific, and World.

Content sources:

  • Proprietary, Trade Sources, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, official statistics agencies of local governments.

Available Tutorials:

  • Help section within this database offers two Getting Started video tutorials: Finding Data; Navigation.

PDF PDF version (coming)