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Note: Due to the proliferation of online mapping sites, this page is no longer being updated or links added. If you are looking for specific mapping sites, either search Google, or contact Data Services.

County and City (North Carolina)

For the most current county and city links to internet map servers, go to the Counties or Cities pages.

State (North Carolina)

NC OneMap
Up and coming website to "...view geographic data seamlessly across North Carolina, search for and download data..., view and query metadata, determine who has what data through an on-line data inventory, and more."

NC Floodmaps
Access the new FEMA floodmaps that are being produced, as well as local government GIS data. Production and data availability are moving by river basin East to West across the state.

North Carolina Dept. of Transportation GIS Data Distribution

  • Elevation rasters and topo contour data
  • MrSID images of 1993 & 1998 DOQQs and seamless 24k DRGs statewide
  • County Maps-shapefile and CAD formats
  • County Maps-images
  • FEMA Q3 Flood Data
  • County Maintenance Maps (with river sub-basin)
  • Traffic Survey Maps by County
  • Statewide Continuous Traffic Count Map
  • Lane Width/ADT/Crash Factor/Pavement Conditions (NC Moving Ahead)
  • State Travel Map and other DOT published maps on-line

Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Data Catalog
26 layers of environmental data. See also: DENR GIS page

DENR GIS Interface for Topographic Maps
View North Carolina topo maps interactively. Place points and labels on maps.

North Carolina Health Atlas (NC Center for Health Statistics)
Health statistics at county resolution. See also: NCHS Geographical Analysis page

North Carolina Water Supply Watersheds (Division of Water Quality)
Water supply watersheds, interstates, major hydrography. See also: DWQ Maps page

Public Beach and Waterfront Access Site On-line (Division of Coastal Management)
Beach access sites, major roads, water bodies. See also: Coastal GIS Data

Wetlands Data On-line (Division of Coastal Management)
Wetland types, major roads, streams & ditches, water bodies. See also: Wetlands GIS Data

North Carolina DENR Image Server

  • State Geologic Maps
  • Elevation Image Statewide
  • Reference Maps from Other Agencies

Also downloadable as MrSID compressed image files.

North Carolina Rural Internet Access Authority
Statewide IMS showing communication technology access, such as cable, cellular, PCS, IXC's, tower locations, telephone and TV facilities, industrial sites, and more.

National (U.S.)

ArcWeb Explorer
Uses ArcWeb Services JavaScript API and Adobe Flash. AWX renders maps quickly in the browser instead of creating maps on the server and transmitting them to the browser.

National Atlas
"...authoritative national geospatial and geostatistical data sets. Examples of digital geospatial data include soils, county boundaries, volcanoes, and watersheds. Crime patterns, population distribution, and incidence of disease are examples of geostatistical data."

National Map
Envisioned to provide public domain core geographic data about the US and its territories. Current pilot projects include Mecklenburg County, NC.

Terraserver USA
View and Download digital orthophotos, topographic maps, and high-res ortho imagery. Sponsored by Microsoft and USGS.

Google Maps
Search by address for maps and aerial/satellite imagery. The advantage to using this site is it's display speed.

American FactFinder (Census Bureau)
Over 50 layers of data, including Census of Population and Housing data. See also: Census Bureau page

Geography Network
Live maps and data to view online or through ESRI GIS software.

FEMA Hazard Mapping
Map past hazard events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, flood zones, and others. Allows searching by address.

Hosted by EPA with a wide range of environmental data layers.

Environmental Conservation Online System (Fish & Wildlife Service)
Environmental & National Wetlands Inventory data.

NOAA's Coastal Assessment and Data Synthesis System: Make a Map
Over 30 layers of coastal data.

NOS MapFinder
Coastal photography, coastal survey maps, geodetic control points, historical maps and charts, environmental sensitivity index maps, nautical charts, hydrographic survey outlines, water level stations, estuarine bathymetry.

Ocean GIS Online Mapping
Over 50 layers of coastal and ocean data. Also downloadable from: OPIS page

Shoreline Data Map Server (NOAA)
High resolution historical and current shoreline data. Also downloadable as Arc/Info export files.

TIGER Mapping Service (Census Bureau)
Over 50 layers of data, including census of population and housing data. See also: TIGER page

Create maps, find locations, get directions.

Yahoo! Maps
Create maps, find locations, get directions.

Yellow pages with integrated mapping. Find locations, create maps.


Includes two components: Finder and Maker. Open Source and freely available data search/downloads, and allows interactive map making.

Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Gateway
Discover, view, assemble and obtain desired global content from this growing data portal.

Geography Network
Live maps and data to view online or through ESRI GIS software.

Digital Chart of the World Interactive Maps (Penn State)
Interactive DCW data, also downloadable in country tiles.

GEO-3 Data Portal (UNEP)
Extensive, global environmental and human data.

Create maps, find locations, get directions.

National Geographic Map Machine
Search for places; create and save maps.

Terraserver USA
Online digital orthophotos and topographic maps which may be downloaded
Online digital orthophotos and satellite imagery (commercial)

USDA Crop Explorer
Global crop production assessments and estimates by the by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.